Noooooo and PJs

You know it’s a bad day when you see this – the inside of your sewing machine. At least it will be extra clean and well oiled when I drop it off for repair tomorrow. I am so grateful to have back-up machines, but oh will I miss the speed and throat space on Jane while she is away.

Before she broke – mid quilting a baby quilt – I did manage to finish these PJ pants for my husband.
He’s thrilled to see the Star Wars fabric and I am thrilled to have successfully made a pair of pants (it was my first time).

2 thoughts on “Noooooo and PJs”

  1. Glad you have back a backup sewing machine. After I had taken in a sewing machine for routine service over 10 years ago and they keep it for more than 2 weeks, I decided I needed an extra machine. I now have 2 machines that are classic old machines and 2 that are a few years old. 2 straight stitch only. I can’t be without a sewing machine while it’s away at the doctor, lol!!!

  2. Oh no!! I hope you get it back in working order soon! 🙂 Love the Star Wars pants.

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