Better with a Friend

I had accidentally made an extra umbrella girl. Why not put two girls on one quilt?

Friends, barefoot in the rain.

Rainy day is better with a friend (9” x 13”)

Today’s question: What is your favorite ice-cream?

Me: Haagen-Dazs Carmel cone

9 thoughts on “Better with a Friend”

  1. I don’t eat dairy so I don’t eat “real” ice cream, but I love frozen coconut “ice cream” made from coconut instead of milk/cream. My favorite flavor are the plain coconut and chocolate coconut.

    I love this quilt of the girls and umbrellas Carrie!

  2. Ben and Jerry’s Fishy Food, I haven’t had any in over 4 years—-they don’t sell B+J in Mexico that I could find.

  3. Black cherry ice cream is my favorite, although I would love to have a taste of my childhood favorite, Black Licorice.

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