Dreams Grow

Purple hair!

Her dreams grow daily (6” x 9”)

Today’s question: Do you color your hair?

Me: sometimes – right now my last coloring has grown out

6 thoughts on “Dreams Grow”

  1. Nope my hair is my natural color. I think I only dyed my hair 3 times in my life and it was a hassle to do. I personally think woman and men look best with their natural color.

  2. No ma’am. Although I will admit to missing the blonde hair of my youth, I can’t bring myself to recreate it artificially. Still, when I see pictures of myself now, especially taken from behind, I’m often shocked at how dark my hair is. In my head, I’m still blonde.

  3. Yes, in the last year it has been auburn, brown and red (I mean bright ruby red), but right now I had my DH buzz cut it all off at about 1/2 inch and I am back to what I think is my new natural of almost black with white. I started turning white when I was 20, my original natural color was auburn.

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