Joy in Each Stitch & Week 2 Winner

I finally added the sentiment to this quilt – She finds joy in each stitch

I am loving the comments – seeing the answers to each question makes me smile. I’ve not been responding to each comment as I am preparing for a mini art show that will be hung in early May. I’ve busy stitching and playing with fabric.

The winner of week 2 giveaway is Daryl.

Thought you might like to see the prize packages.wpid-IMG_4606-2014-04-15-21-24.jpg
What will each weeks’s winner receive?
– a variety of fabric – hopefully something will inspire a fun project
– buttons
– trim and ribbon
– pretty papers
– spool photo holders
– Embellishments (keys, lace, clips)
– a few of my business cards – they are like tiny prints

Today’s question: What is your favorite chip flavor/brand?

Me: I am a big fan of Grizzly Chips (Alaska Chips Company).

9 thoughts on “Joy in Each Stitch & Week 2 Winner”

  1. I love today’s quilt!
    Congratulations to Daryl!!
    Your chips are our crisps I think – I like ‘Kettle’

  2. My favorite are the Alaskan Taco Loco tortilla chips–the round seasoned…good with salsa and without!

  3. My favorite is Cool Ranch Doritos. I don’t eat them that often, but enjoy them when I do.

  4. Sour cream and onion ties with Kettle chips. Love you quilts dress, wish I was tall and thin and would look good in a print like that.

  5. I love this mini quilt, “Joy in Each Stitch”. Ruffles potato chips are my favorite chip.

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