Say Yes to the Dress


I love watching television and movies while I sew. We don’t have cable at home so I had never seen ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ until it came to Netflix. The show is mildly entertaining, but the dresses are amazing.


I had stitched charm squares together to make backgrounds for art quilts; they reminded me wallpaper. With ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ as inspiration and mini hangers I began constructing dresses from fabric scraps.


I used vintage lace, seed beads, an old handkerchief, hand died lace, buttons and tulle.


Each dress shop quilt is 9” x 13”.

Don’t forget to the leave a comment telling me which canvas is your favorite.

10 thoughts on “Say Yes to the Dress”

  1. They’re all very lovely, but I think I like the yellow/green lace dresses best – they’re sort of vintage looking in their shape and colours and materials.

  2. Love them all, but super-fond of the yellow lace and green lace. I like how they are very vintage, but you put them on a simple, modern background. If I were to have a grown-up, non-mini wedding, I would wear those!

  3. Meredith Loughran

    OK, it’s pretty hard to choose a favorite! I think the “Love” canvas is great! But, I think the “Birds” canvas is great, too. Can’t choose! Your work is so much fun – love the “yes to the dress” series.

  4. i think you have a wonderful talent, and I like the way you motivated yourself. I like the ladies face with the black hair..My mom was a dark haired brunette with blue eyes.. This is my favorite.
    Thank you Carrie for exciting all of us who like to sew.

  5. In this set, I think I like the black and white; the contrast is great for the dresses. So simple, yet elegant, and definitely FUN! Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you so again soon; work has been a bit thick.

  6. I thought I liked the dress with the veil on a separate hanger, but now I can’t decide between that the the yellow/green lace ones. Just beautiful!

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