Giveaway : Canvas Play


Playing with these stitched canvases has been oodles of fun but I don’t have room to keep them all. Would you like to have one?

Leave a comment before 5pm AK time on Monday, Aug 27 telling me which one is your favorite. I will pick a few (or several) winners.

16 thoughts on “Giveaway : Canvas Play”

  1. I would be so honored to have any of these! They are all so wonderful. I really love “soar”. But, honestly, I would be honored to have any of them!

  2. Oh boy! My favorite is Love stories♥ but Notes is a close second–what a hard choice! Please add my name to the hat and I’ll cross my fingers :O)

  3. Oh wow – I’ve been admiring these as each one lands in my email-inbox!! My 3 favs are Embrace imperfection and Friendship is Bliss and Soar though I adore them all!!! What a lovely thing to do – I would have a hard time giving one away!!

  4. I have enjoyed seeing every one of these appear. Great imagination! My favorite is hmmm.. I keep changing my mind. I think that would be Love Stories! I also really like as much: Inspire yourself, Soar, Birds. Thank you for being so generous with your creativity!

  5. Oh my how wonderful these are….it is hard to choose they are all special…..I like the Friendship is bliss because of all the friendships I have gained since I joined the guild.

  6. As usual, you inspire and awe me with your imagination and ability to get projects done! Choose just one as a favorite? Impossible! I do like the birds and the sisters and Dad among others!

  7. Hi Carrie! I must say my favorite is INSPIRE because you inspire me to be creative, generous, and fun-loving. I can’t believe how productive you are. Inspired for a little more time to stitch!

  8. I love Friendship is bliss, and Love Dad, and the tree, but my favorite is either Sister or the Big Dreams one. You are very creative.

  9. I like the girl with the crazy curly hair. Because my hair is crazy curly. I think I should wear more polka dotted tube tops and I think I will go out and pick one of the large red Dalia’s from my deck and festoon my hair. I also like the bird houses because they represent welcome to me. Such fun to choose a favorite.

  10. I love each one but I especially like the “sisters” one. I just spent enough time talking to my sister in the lower 48 to cause my phone to nearly drop the call because of a low battery. However, I just went to the other phone and we continued our conversation. We both wish to visit each other soon. My phone is now charging for another “visit” with her!

  11. I would love anything you put your creative touch on. Inspire Yourself could fit into my new home. Good luck to all.
    I’m so happy to be back!

  12. I’m also loving Friendship is Bliss, I just saw the bigger version from when you did it and I’m resonating with it big time.

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