Finished Class Sample – Party Dress


Party Dress Everyday (8.5” x 11”)

While in class, I demoed how I attach ruffles for a dress. The girl was fused to a plain green background and I added stitched the ruffles background and quilt sandwich (batting and backing). When I got here home, I stitched lines down the background to mimic wall paper. To jazz it up a bit and coordinate with her pink top, I added two shades of pink stitching and a banner to the background. She reminded me of a girl at a quinceañera so I added the words about wearing her party dress everyday.

1 thought on “Finished Class Sample – Party Dress”

  1. She is DIVINE!!
    I love how her party dress hangs past the bottom of the “wall”.
    Ok so on to another note~~~
    I got my magazine, I got my magazine, Doing a happy dance, Doing a happy dance, Love your article and I love my daughter for thinking to pick it up for me. Especially since the closest place she could find it is a 50 mile drive. Yes girls I live way out in the country on a farm in the middle of no wheresville. If you have not got a copy of this awesome magazine, “Art Quilting Studio” be sure to get out there and get your copy while they last.

    Big props to Carrie our Creative Goddess!

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