She Loved Decorating for Christmas


Decorating for Christmas (8.5” x 11”)

This girly is another finished class sample. Her apron is adorable. This turned into a holiday quilt when I saw the piece of green fabric on my desk – it seemed perfect for a Christmas tree.

wpid-IMG_0218-2011-12-7-20-15.jpg wpid-IMG_0217-2011-12-7-20-15.jpg

I kept her apron simple since the tree is full of wire ornaments and sewn garland. I added a glass star that hasn’t yet been placed on top of the tree.


Since this was a class sample, I didn’t stitch the background first, which makes it very easy to discern where I quilted when you look at the back.

I don’t actually decorate much for the holidays, but I’m guessing many of you decorate and love it.

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  1. YES! GMTA, I was laying in bed trying to get rid of a slight headache from getting a couple teeth pulled and a really cute piece of green fabric I have popped into my mind as a christmas tree and that will be my first attempt at sassy girl quilts. I love decorating for all the holidays but Halloween and Christmas are my favs and this girl is so homey cute just right for a decorating day.

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