Finished Class Sample – Sparkly Treasures


She collected sparkly treasures (8.5” x 11”)

Last month, I showed the unfinished version of this quilt that I prepped as a class sample.

While in the class I demoed how to attach some of the treasures to the ruffled skirt, but never finished her. She along with a few other samples have been on my desk awaiting completion.

In between stitching the top and quilting a quilt, I finished this sample a few others (more them soon).


Black buttons hang from the ceiling and her skirt is filled with brass safety pins and charms. She’s collected faded yellow buttons, a clothing tag, bits of yellow stitching, a tiny snippet of vintage lace, a small butterfly and a few swirls of wire.

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  1. So cute! So the faces I have do you adhere that fabric to the paper or do you buy it that way? I also have some new faces to share with you will get them sent as soon as I get into town. I am fixing to give on of the girls a try,,,sorta of scary lol.

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