Giveaway Day!

She could see the possibilities (8” x 10”)

I’m participating in the Sew,Mama,Sew! May Giveaway Day. You could be the lucky recipient of one of these two art quilts.

She let her inner artist explore (6” x 10”)

Each art quilt started as a painting that was scanned and printed onto cotton fabric. The prints were then embellished with thread doodling and buttons.

I love to thread doodle (free motion quilting) but my stitching is rarely perfect so I usually cover the stitching with the quilt backing as I did for She let her inner artist explore. However, lately I’ve taken a more ‘perfectly imperfect’ view of my quilts and let the stitching show. For ‘She could see the possibilities’ the stitches are visible on the back – it’s not perfect but I am learning and part of learning is embracing mistakes – even is those mistakes are a bit of messy stitching on the back of my quilt.

Leave a comment by midnight Alaska time on May 25th and I’ll randomly select 2 winner (one for each quilt). I’d love hear about the skills you are learning or perfecting.

264 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!”

  1. I’ve been learning to knit, and have been looking at some good beginner sewing projects.

  2. These are gorgeous!! I’ve never made an art quilt, but I love quilting and am slowly learning that there is no such thing as perfection, I love your phrase “perfectly imperfect”!!

  3. This is beautiful! How great would a full sized quilt like that look!
    I’ve never made a quilt…am just learning to use the sewing machine I got recently…will hav to try something like this with one of my paintings…Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. These are gorgeous! I am currently TRYING to learn hand embroidery… it is trying my patience, though.

  5. Really lovely quilts Carrie, I’m learning to line bags without having to undo them and do it again…!

  6. Those are lovely! My DIL, the bravest, most unselfish woman I know, is in AK, by herself. She had a first baby in September, and, when DS was moved to LA (Ft Rich to Ft Polk) to a deployable unit, she sent the baby with him while she stayed behind to sell the house. She wanted him to have as much time as possible with the baby before he deployed. Lordy, I would love to be able to give her one of these lovely quilts!!! She is amazing!

  7. Amazing quilts – exquisite. Perfecting my quilting – a slow process as too scared to start.

  8. First off, these are amazing! With library books and the internet, I’ve been teaching myself to sew. I do all kinds of purses and kids clothes and am venturing into a garment for myself…yikes.

  9. Wow, I am amazed that you are giving these away–how generous. I love them both, they’re absolutely beautiful and getting to look at either in my home every day would make me quite happy!!

    I’m exploring bookbinding and doing more & more embroidery, which I really enjoy.

  10. Hi Carrie! I’m just learning to spin – a friend at a farming museum gave me a fleece a while ago and I’ve been plucking up the courage to try!

    Also, you should embrace your ‘mistakes’. Only machines make perfect things, often the charm of something handmade is the fact that you know a fallable human has made it 🙂

  11. What a beautiful, unique, and generous giveaway!

    I am working on zippers. Yup. I am seeking out good tutorials that help me gain confidence with adding zippers to bags & pouches. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  12. Your guilts are amazing! I love the “possibilities” one. I am a beginning sewer, so I am working on everything! thanks for the giveaway.

  13. These are so cool! Love your quilts! I am working on my first quilt…an I-spy quilt.

  14. Hello,
    I am learning to crochet and I am hoping to join a free motion machine sewing course soon. Your quilts are gorgeous, I would love to win one. Freddie x

  15. i’d love a chance to win! i’ve only been quilting for nearly a year, so i’m still in the process of learning, and it’s hard for me to let go of things not being ‘perfect’ enough 🙂

  16. Those are beautiful! I look forward to looking through your blog. (:

    I’m still perfecting my knitting. I’ve also decided to give crochet a try (mostly because my middle son is desperate for a pikachu toy and all I can find are crochet patterns!)

  17. I love your quilts. The first one is my favorite, but they’re both really cute. FWIW, I love imperfections in handmade items, although I will admit, mine are hardest to accept, but they show a certain uniqueness and originality and reveal the humanity behind the creation. Lately, I’ve been fighting with bias tape. 🙂

  18. Wow, I love the thread doodling. I’m just working on my free motion, I think when I get more comfortable, I’ll try this.

  19. I am learning sewing and pattern drafting techniques for victorian and regancy clothing.

    I love your art quilts. thank you for a chance in your giveaway. 🙂

  20. Your “doodle” quilts are so beautiful. I do not quilt (yet), but these may push me past the first attempt roadblock. I really love them… the lack of traditional structure, the unique character of each piece. Lovely.
    Otherwise I’m busy making up my own patterns for aprons and purses and such, “pattern” being a loose term for sewing-and-adjusting-as-I-go. 🙂

  21. I love them both…and is it weird that I think they both look like me? I’ve been working on learning how to sew in small doses; I’ve been a burning-the-midnight-oil marathon sewer, but my toddler is now waking up as soon as she hears the machine :(. So, I’m learning how to take things ten minutes at a time…and appreciate the process, not just try to rush through to the outcome. Thanks for the giveaway, and the chance to find your blog!

  22. These are so beautiful! I love how your personality and artistry shine through. I’m trying to get better at adjusting sewing patterns so that they fit me. Lots of trial & error! leahclaireh(at)gmail(dot)com

  23. What beautiful work! Thanks for the giveaway! Right now I’m trying to work on sewing more things for myself instead of my girls and also learning how to do a little quilting.

  24. I love to sew!! 😀 Currently, I am learning to quilt – it has been quite interesting! Right now I am making a ladybug quilt for my neice that just turned 1 – her nickname is ladybug 🙂 With the quilt, I am learning to do machine applique 🙂

    Your work is so beautiful!!

  25. Either of these would look just wonderful in my daughters room. I love that they are inspirational. You do fantastic work.

  26. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! I’ve been trying to perfect binding corners lately. Sometimes I can nail it, other times…not. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  27. These are just beautiful!! I am afraid I really haven’t ventured into art quilts, mine are more traditional piecework, but I really admire the work you have done here. Lately, my crafty ventures have settled around really learning the ins and outs of graphic design for die cutting (specifically using Make The Cut software), and teaching myself to spin. My interests are, ahem, eclectic!

  28. Lovely pieces! I am learning to weave cedar, knit and care for chickens – guess which one is taking all my time! 🙂 Thank you!

  29. These are gorgeous! Wow!
    I’m finally learning to knit. It’s fun, relaxing, and – when I use lovely yarn – very pleasing.

  30. Wow! I love these! They are so creative and beautiful. I have tried some free motion quilting but find it hard. I guess I need to practice more. I am currently working in pottery. It is hard but with practice I am getting better.

    redzshadow at gmail dot com

  31. I’m learning to accept my art and myself. I’m finding that the two are progressing hand in hand. I think it’s a common theme for women right now because I’ve received a gamut of positive feedback about embracing all the aberrations in my life! I really love your work and would be honored to have one of these quilts hanging as a reminder to be joyful, inquisitive,and forgiving!♥
    wow, normally I’m a highly un-serious person!!

  32. These are gorgeous! I’m always working on my sewing. I just recently purchased my first serger, so I’m trying to get that all figured out at the moment. You put what thread where??? 🙂

  33. Kellie Dahlen

    i don’t sew yet but I am really excited to learn. The quilts are beautiful.

  34. Stunning, I have never seen anything like them before! Right now I am working on my photography and hopefully move from landscapes and architecture to shooting better portraits of my girls 🙂

  35. Beautiful quilts! I am currently thinking of doing my first simple quilt. I a the kind of person who gets obsessed with one craft, thinking about it day and night. It was wet felting two years ago and knitting last winter. And then there is always some sewing stuff going on. Mastering zippers. Learning pattern drawing. making up a dress. The possibilities and interests are endless. I’ve never done free motion drwaing with thread though but it’s sure on my to do list!

  36. I LOVE your art quilts! they are so unique and beautiful. I’m relatively new to quilting and i’ve been working on free motion quilting a few SMALL things recently. It’s fun!

  37. Wow!! Those are amazing. I guess I would say I need to work on my stitching of curves. Straight lines, I’m your gal. Curves? Not so much!

  38. That’s so cool! I want to learn to know how to do that now. Those two quilts are beautiful. When I visited MassArt recently and their museum, I saw some like that. I find quilts of your style to be super beautiful.

    I’ve been trying to get better at sewing in general, been working on small projects to I can make my own patterns.

  39. Just love your quilts. I have a place on my wall the either would work on. I wish I had the patience to do such fine work.

  40. These are gorgeous!! I especially love the inner artist one! I am always trying new ways to express my inner artist and am now learning how to needle felt and am working on a rag quilt for my baby girl. I’m trying to find me style and I’m working up to making some new clothes for myself!

  41. i am really impressed by your work. i have only been sewing for about 2 years and quilts are my favorite thing to make right now. i never thought about using this technique!

  42. I would love to hang one of these in my sewing room…I am partial to the second one, but either will do…they are very creative!

  43. How unique and pretty! I’m a crocheter and I’m working on expanding my experience by making new hats. Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. I am absolutely amazed by this quilts! I am a knitter and crocheter, and sew too! I am an amateur, but am continuing to learn. Thanks for the awesome giveaways.

  45. I have the hardest time accepting/enjoying those imperfections in the making process as well. I can’t begin to tell you how many block prints I’ve tossed because they’re not up to snuff!

    Your work is lovely.

    reiner (dot) danielle (at) gmail (dot) com

  46. I’ve sewn and knitted for several years, but I perfect each of them with every new project. I need to brush up on my crochet skills, and I hope to finally make a quilt in the near future. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Wow! They’re gorgeous!!! I recently learned how to spin and I’m very excited about knitting with the yarn I make. There are so many things to learn and I’m looking forward to seeing how various spinning techniques produce different fabrics.

  48. FABULOUS! This are so beautiful, so glad I visited your blog today, been going back and looking at all your lovely work, they are amazing! I am trying to learn some basic quilting, I’m expecting and want to make a little quilt for the baby. Thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  49. I love your art quilts. They are just adorable. I realy haven’t done much in the quilting area yet. Right now I am exploring Kumihimo braiding. I once started a crazy quilt patch. And there it sits….

  50. Too Cool, I have just discovered that my new sewing machine came with a free motion foot and fully intend to play, play, play with it!

  51. PhoenixPeacock

    This is seriously the best give away on the whole list. GORGEOUS inspirational art quilts. I would love to hang them in my art therapy office!

    Right now I’m working on my art journaling skills and becoming reaquainted with oil painting.

    Great giveaway! I’d be delighted to win!


  52. These are beautiful. I am learning to crochet, and am trying to embrace the sometimes-frustrating results. Thanks so much for the chance!

  53. Wow those are both so beautiful. Very inspiring too! I am working on my sewing skills which will hopefully lead to making quilts of my own. I’ve never seen quilts like yours though…absolutely gorgeous.

  54. Both those quilts are gorgeous. I am learning to quilt and am learning many things as I go along. Some day I would love to make an art quilt.

  55. Wow – those are gorgeous!

    New things I’m learning? Well, I’m working on a quilt with inset seams, which is something I’ve never done before. (And haven’t yet – I’ve got the first row all laid out, just need to talk myself into making that first seam.) And I’m trying to re-teach myself to crochet. It’s as easy as it ever was, but I’ve definitely got some tension issues to work out. (I gave my dish-cloth a nicely nipped in waist!)

    I SO love giveaway day because I always find so many great blogs that I might never have stumbled across otherwise.

  56. Oh wow. Wow. I find both of these quilts just breathtaking! I’m always in the process of trying to learn to let things be “perfectly imperfect,” and it’s slow going, but a fun trip. I mostly crochet, but I’m working on my needle-felting and sewing skills at the moment, and hoping to learn to spin this summer.

  57. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like these before. I was so proud I’d finally got my head round basic doll’s clothing on my machine this weekend, but I think I’m a long way off this sort of stuff!

  58. Your work is beautiful! And my grandmother always told me that it is the imperfections that make something creative and handmade — if you want perfect, let a machine do it! Thanks for sharing!

  59. These are just gorgeous. I really like that you are mixing techniques, and fabric, so inspiring!

  60. I just love your quilts. I love to embelish things and hadnt thought of scan a pic onto material, or a drawing of my own…I find your work inspiring, keep up the good work

  61. your quilts are LOVELY! I do a similar thing, but with paper. I will follow your blog, regardless of the giveaway. Just lovely!

  62. I LOVE these quilts! They are so unique! I am trying to master quilting. It is a long, but fun process.

  63. Love your quilts. I have quilted a lot before but mostly vintage patterns; log cabin, double wedding ring, irish chain etc. I too would love to hang one of these in my home. 🙂

  64. Wow, those are darling! I’m not much of a crafter actually but your blog sure inspires me to be! 🙂

  65. Amazing, amazing – your work is beautiful! I work on the digital end and make party supplies, subway art, etc. Nothing compared to you. Great giveaway and such talent – you should be proud! Thanks bunches!

  66. Those are awesome art pieces! I would love to learn to do those. I am learning to weave now. I love crafting.

  67. Deborah in Atlanta

    Your quilts are adorable, and any of us would be thrilled to win them. What am I learning now? I’m learning to be patient while paper-piecing. Patient is not something I associate with myself. Definitely not.

  68. I’ve been sewing for several years and am always trying to perfect it. Right now I’m working on quilting. You’ve done some gorgeous work! I’d love to win it!

  69. These are so totally gorgeous! You should be really proud of them! It is hard to embrace it all when it is your own, but from here your art is amazing! My craftiness-a bit of everything, especially ideas, but not even close to perfect at anything. Having fun, though!

  70. Your quilts are amazing and very inspiring! I think you may have an etsy shop to open making the I Do one from people’s wedding dress scraps! I’m a free motion quilter who needs to work on binding…not very patient! also, I’m a UAF alum!

  71. Karen Lachance

    Nice work! I’m a quilter who is constantly trying to learn new techniques. This year I’m going in a different direction and trying to learn to sew clothes. Quilting in easier!!!
    (Lived 10 years in Valdez but now in Massachusetts)

  72. these are gorgeous! i can only imagine how much more stunning they must be in person. i working on improving my knitting skills at the moment. challenging myself with new patterns and stitches.

  73. My aunt quits, and she’s given me her old quilting books to learn the craft!
    Clichtblau at gmail dot com

  74. Oh, gosh, those are beautiful! I love your “perfectly imperfect” stance. I need to adopt that. I am a beginning sewer and am learning everything!

  75. What beautiful art quilts! One of them wants to come live in my craft room. 🙂 I’m learning to be patient and mindful with lace knitting these days.

  76. I like to piece quilts but have not perfected the quilting process so I pay someone to do it…but I am learning. Your art quilts are beautiful

  77. I love your she art quilts they inspire me to no end! I am just playing and growing in mixed media techniques. I would LOVE to learn more about art quilting!

  78. i love the second curly headed girl!!! she has my curly head! 🙂

    i’m taking an art journaling workshop this summer – i cannot wait to get started.

    thanks for the sweet giveaway!
    email is in my profile
    or nicmowat (AT) gmail (dot) com

  79. You’re quilts are so different and inspiring! Well done.. they are truly interesting.

    I am constantly working on free motion and control of it. There is a pile of fabric/batting sandwichs for me to work on, but I never get to them.. one day??


  80. BEAUTIFUL work. i am totally smitten with the first quilt. i have to say, a skill i’m trying to perfect IS learning to see the possibilities even when situations seem overwhelmingly stagnant.

    craftwise, i am going to try a quilt that is not just straight lines! i also want to learn to embroider and i need to learn short rows so i can knit soakers for my new baby due next month!

    thanks so much for the chance to win!

  81. Wow! those are both so beautiful!

    I am still working up the courage to make a quilt. I am an avid sewer, but quilting just seems so intimidating to me.

  82. I’m working on my knitting skills mostly… though the patterns I’m sewing are getting more complicated as well!

  83. These should be in a gallery they are to precious. I am currently learning to quilt using hexagons and am loving it!

    xo Steph

  84. What a neat art form this is! I love it.
    Unfortunately, I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I am always trying to perfect everything… 😉 But, I would say my most current venture is in sewing things to be the right size for my daughter. I tend to not use patterns, so this is extra challenging!

  85. oh wow, those are absolutely stunning! I love little imperfections, they are what ‘makes’ hand made things for me. My things have a lot of little mistakes, but that just means people know i made it and it wasn’t mass produced somewhere!
    I’m trying to learn to take it slow. I quilt and sometimes hurry, everything would look a little better if i took time to breathe!

  86. Your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway. At the moment I am learning how to sew zippers into garments.

  87. i would like to learn to make simple clothes, and embroidery. 🙂 thanks for the chance to win – these are both so beautiful

  88. I’ve started to make soft toys recently, but I also would like to learn how to quilt. Lovely giveaway!

  89. This is so cute. Compliment. You are so talented.

    I wish I knew how to quilt. I never did it and I guess its a lot of hard work.

    I would be so lucky to win one of those. They are super cute and would fit very well in my floor.

    Thanks for the chance


  90. I am a beginning quilter — so I am in awe of your breathtaking art quilts, both of them!! I’d love to have one — it could become a family heirloom:)

  91. Thank you for offering these lovely quilts. I am learning to get organized while I sew, quilt or craft.

  92. These are really stunning! Thanks so much for your generosity. Me, I’m trying to get the hang of free-motion quilting (with mixed results)!

  93. What a great giveaway! And I think unperfect stitches make a quilt charming. Lol, maybe that´t because I have to practice a lot for make my free motion quilting more than only “hm”.

  94. how sweet your girl quilts are! i am working on quilting in general. i need to make a baby quilt for a baby arriving this fall 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  95. I am learning to embroider. I don’t know if I can perfect it anytime soon, but the journey is fun.

  96. My history is very simple. I needed to repair children’s things! And then I have tried something new, sewing make up bags and more other. And I like it:)

  97. These are lovely! I’ve been working on low immersion fabric dying. It’s fun 🙂

  98. I’ve been quilting for many years now, but with a 3 year old girl I just started to try my hand at making dresses and skirts because she loves to dress up.

  99. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am trying to slowly work on improving my layering skills for mixed media canvases! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  100. Are you kidding me.. I’m SO happy to find you. These and your other projects are just amazing. I would love to come and just learn from you for days. . no weeks! I love it. i’m a new follower and so can not wait to poke around and see what you come up with next. LOVE

  101. Oh my goodness. This is by far my favorite giveaway I’ve come across yet! Your quilts are beautiful…creative…..and unique! My craft of choice is sewing….the most challenging thing right now is finding time to do it! But more specifically I am trying to make things more freehand versus using a pattern. Thanks for the chance! SHARKritzler at aol dot com

  102. OMG, those are gorgeous! I have only started to learn how to sew so quilting is way out of my league. My craft of choice is crochet.
    I will come to your blog more often now, what an inspiration!

  103. I’m playing with fabric scraps and paper journals. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  104. Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to have one hanging in my office. Lately, I’ve been playing around with felt and embroidery and it’s been lots of fun.

  105. Candace Henderson

    these are amazing and I am excited to have an opportunity to win them! Thanks so much

  106. ylime ((dot)) ado ((at)) hotmail ((dot)) com

    these are both so amazing. Both the words and the beauty of the quilts are so inspiring.

  107. Wow! These are magical! What a neat neat thing! I’ve never seen anything like them! My skills are just lacking! =)

  108. Elizabeth McDonald

    Wow! These are beautiful, and seem to both emanate from the same authentic voice! Be proud!

  109. Those two little ladies are beyond gorgeous!

    Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway!

  110. wow! These are absolutely amazing! You are truely talented. Beautiful work! I would feel so blessed to win!..cute blog too! Ill be back to visit again. 🙂

  111. I’ve been doing a LOT with hexagons lately… just loving the hexie flowers and the potential that is in each quilt. I love your quilts, they are so creative! and each one I just kind of stared at for awhile taking it in. Not just these two but the other ones you have done too in the last 5-6 posts. Awesome work!

  112. Your creations are wonderful and so whimsical. I love them. I have strayed from sewing/stitching to journalling and art/collage work – will come back to sewing when the mood strikes.

  113. Oh my those are beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win! I hope Anchorage is treating you well. I used to live there and miss it terribly sometimes!
    Have a great day!
    Suzanne dot Jourdan at

  114. Those are beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like those. Do you have a tutorial on here about how to do it?

    I am learning how to quilt right now. I’m working on my first one!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these amazing art pieces!

    Do you sell them on Etsy or anywhere?

  115. These are gorgeous!!! I love them and would love to win them. This summer, I plan on learning more about free motion quilting. The doodle stitching looks really fun, maybe I will try it!

  116. I’m currently piecing together the sections to a knitted monkey I’ve half made, I guess the skill I’m learning is piecing together

    Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful pieces.

  117. ‘She could see the possibilities.’ is such a great saying to use. They are both beautiful pieces. I’m learning to sew. It is a slow process. Thanks for the chance to win. stephspitzer at gmail dot com

  118. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    I loves to sew and I consider myself only a beginner. I started to sew since last year. I make small patchwork project like wrislet, pencil case and also wallet 🙂
    And.. I believe in magic too ^^

  119. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful! They would be perfect for my four year old’s art area. I am enjoying learning advanced knitter’s techniques and sewing for dummies.

  120. What lovely ladies you are giving away- I love the wonderful embellishment and thoughtful quotes that they each contain.
    I am a kindergarten teacher by day and a quilter in the evening – I love making quilts and am busy trying to complete some larger quilts for family members.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous picture lady.
    Warmest regards,

  121. WOW! Amazing! I’ve been quilting and I would love to perfect my hand quilting stitches. I don’t need them to be super tiny, just consistent. Practice makes perfect, right?! 🙂 Thank you for a chance at your inspiring giveaway!

  122. Wow, so lovely. I just learned to quilt, but I’m very much in the “square? meet square” stage. Fantastic!

  123. I’m getting more and more into quilting. I found a quiltalong that’s starting soon in order to help me work on different skills. Should be fun!

    I love your art quilts!! They are just so lovely. I would be honored to hang one in my sewing room to inspire me. 🙂

  124. I am learning to find time for my stuff, sewing and planting a garden, while still giving my little daughter all she needs.

  125. am perfecting my stitching while juggling beign a wife and a mom

    thanks for the giveaway


  126. Loving your “See the Possibilities” quilt. It really is so perfect for me:) I am trying to be more accurate when sewing. I generally sew until things are like I want them. Lately, I have decided to try a more traditional approach and follow directions and use 1/4″ seams and make it look like the picture. Who knows if I will stick with the “correct” method or not:) I kinda’ like random!

  127. My current project is a custom made play house table cover for a friends toddler – they live in Wasilla and I can’t wait to deliver it in person next month!!

  128. These are amazing pieces.

    I am adding to and honing my knitting skills. I learned to knit about a year and a half ago, and I just keep going, trying new things, attempting to have some sort of consistent gauge, and simply enjoying it. Thank you for the giveaway!

  129. These are absolutely gorgeous works of art.
    I am try to hone my skills at hand embroidery. I dabble in alot of crafts, but I don’t think I quite excel at any one of them. But I have to work my way through each one and keep practicing.

  130. Wow, those quilts are absolutely stunning! I am envious of your skills!

    I generally sew garments, but I’m currently working up the courage to play around a bit with some techniques I avoid – button holes and embroidery. Eek!

  131. So very beautiful, I am overawed by your talent.I am still working on getting my knitting right.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  132. These are gorgeous and so inspiring. I would love to do a bit more doodling with the needle. What a beautiful giveaway. Visiting from NZ

  133. This is terrific to see, I’ve been trying to produce something similiar but struggling with the process. Your work has helped me, thank-you. I feel very encouraged. It is timely to have come across your blog today.

  134. I am working on some applique – your quilting is lovely and the two quilts are inspiring! thank you for a beautiful giveaway.

  135. What lovely quilts! So generous of you to do a giveaway with them. I am a college student so have limited time to craft but I am learning some quilting this summer w/ my mum! thanks!

  136. i am currently working on sewing a nice curve. i want to eliminate all the bumps and juts…your art work is stunning!

  137. Theresa Nelson

    Love these!! I’m a long time crafter, but a fairly novice quilter/sewer…hopefully that will change as time passes:)
    Thanks for the chance at this 🙂


  138. Your quilts are beautiful! I am just learning to use all my machines to their full potential. So many neat little tricks to figure out.

  139. Thanks for participating in the giveaway week! This one is fabulous! I’d love to learn out to do it.

  140. Stephanie Atchison

    Thank you for the great giveaway.
    atchisonsteph at gmail dot com
    I love your quilts. I’d like to try to do art quilts, but they look hard.

  141. Oh my goodness please please please pick me!
    I just adore these and lately I have taken to thread doodling myself so I know the work involved.
    A very generous giveaway!
    I’d love to get into making some small quilts so perhaps I’ll just dive in and give it a go!

  142. What AMAZING quilts. I love them. LOVE THEM and would enjoy learning how to make one. Currently, I’m a very newbie quilter. I’m making my 3rd ever quilt for my sister’s up-coming wedding. I’m still working on getting my ladder stitches to be strong and reliable (when I hand-stitch the binding to the quilts). I know I shouldn’t probably say this, but I really, really hope I win that first one. The colors and the little girl and the text. *sigh* It’s speaking to me. Thanks for the chance! Stop by my blog and say hi — and enter my giveaway, too!

  143. Jane T in NW Louisiana

    I would so love to win one of your wall hangings. You are very talented. Thanks.

  144. Love your art quilts! I am also trying to learn FMQ after years of hand quilting and my stitches are imperfect too! I heard a hint that you should make up some practice squares and practice every day and you will get better. Maybe I will give that a try!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  145. Your work is STUNNING!
    I love the collage look of them.
    I’m working on crochet amigurumi cupcakes.

  146. These are lovely. I’m really just a learner on all things quilty, but I am enjoying the journey.

  147. I love these wall hangings-precious. I love the “I do” one as well. My 1st anniversary is this weekend. 🙂 I’m going to go poke around now and check out some more quilts….

  148. What lovely quilts — so inspirational! I am learning to be patient while sewing and that I do not have to complete a project in one sitting. This summer I will be teaching myself to crochet during a road trip. Fun fun fun!
    Thank you for your kindness and generousity (even if I am not a winner this time around)!

  149. karen thompson

    Eek! I want to learn how to do this!!! GORGEOUS! Thank you for the opportunity to win something so wonderful!!

    krencamp(at) gmail (dot) com


  150. Your work is beautiful, I like your characters. I am currently trying to get better at hand quilting. I have a huge quilt to practice on, so hopefully I can make straight stitches before I am done!

  151. I’d love to hang her over my sewing machine. I’m sure she’d give me some inspiration. I’ve improved my French seams this spring.

  152. I love your freedom of expression on great ideas. Lately, I’ve been learning to cook. Photography is currently my main artistic exploration. I would love to display one of your quilts in my home!

  153. Wow, these are awesome! I would live to win the possibilities quilt. One skill I’m learning is FMQ. I would love ton quilt other people’s quilts one day. Beautful quilts!

  154. What a beautiful prize. Thanks for participating in the giveaway day. Your quilts are stunning.

  155. Your two pieces are amazing- truly just stunning! I would love to try my hand at some more free-form quilting. You are a very inspiring artist! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  156. these are amazing! i love them both, but “she could see the possibilities” is gorgeous!

    i’m trying to learn to free motion quilt. it’s become a running joke in my guild, the only was i can do it is if i “quilt the crap out of it”, i need to learn to leave space!

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