Week 23 Creations

I must confess that finishing projects was a bit difficult last week. I made some domino magnets much like the domino set from last week. I also completed 8 of these ATCs.
Woman ATC

Most of my time has been ramping up for other projects. Including wedding stuff. Yep, a wedding in less than 60 days. The invitations are top priority. They combine a photo that Troy took and my love of fabric.

The photos for the front of the wedding invitations. You can see some of the photo transfers I’ve tried recently. I decided direct printing to fabric was best. Now it’s time to bead and sew the tiny quilts together and then attach to the invitation front…of course the printing of the inside invitation text needs to happen soon too.

1 thought on “Week 23 Creations”

  1. Great blog, I just found it!

    ATC is very nice looking, and I think the invitations will be too! 🙂
    Good luck with everything!

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