Weeks 20, 21 and 22 Creations

With all the cat emergencies and other drama that has been keeping me home, I haven’t been updating about my creative goal. So here’s a whole slew of creations (those that I remembered to photograph) for you enjoyment (and my documentation).

Davincicode Atc1 P52326192 P52326243 P60526574

P52326255 P60626726 P60626717

P60626778 P60626789 P606268010 P606268111

P606268612 P606269013 P606268514 P606268915

1. ‘DaVinci Code’ ATC
2. Postcards from hand made paper
3. More postcards
4. Baby quilt in pink with hints of bright green and a purple back
5. Some mail art
6. I created a whole set of altered dominos (28) with a swimming sisters image, now to finish the container and it’s ready for a gift (or possible sale)
7. Close up of domino
8. Photo book (gift for my aunt)
9. Inside of photo book (my grandparents are in the photo)
10. Photo book (this one’s for my uncle)
11. Inside of photo book
12. Bride paper doll
13. Paper doll decked out in red
14. Paper doll in green party frock
15. Paper doll dressed in yellow party dress