Week 11 Creations

Journal for a round robin I’m in with LiveJournal – I felt a bit bad that I took this fairly thick book and glued about 40 or so pages together to make the space to insert the little drawers. But then I remembered the feeling I had when I got a deco back with 8 pages blank…I wanted the owner of this book to have a fairly full book. I left 50 blank pages before my spread so the other 9 people to go should have plenty of room.

Cool Lady0001-3Cool Lady0002-3
Cool Lady0003-3
I created several 4×6 glued collages. Some were sent off for exchanges the other I made into postcards.

On Saturday Troy and I had a very lazy day, lots of lounging, napping and movie watching. So I wanted to create something from our makeshift bed in the living room. So I created a few digital collages.
I created a template for Troy’s graduation announcements. May 8th ceremony and open house at Troy’s mom’s.

I saw this fabric and new it would be perfect for my secret stargirl recipient who likes chocolate, coffee, tea and bright blue. So I thought of making the purse and then made the little coin purse that I filled with some of my favorite teas.


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