Week 12 Creations

A busy week full of frustrations and nothing seeming to go right. But the weekend proved to be extremely productive and lots of fun. Now to turn my Monday evenings into the same thing somehow. Oh well, on with the pictures!

Hand made paper, I tried adding silk fibers – made for fun background paper!

Shaving cream and food coloring dyed paper. I experimented with dying sheet music, dictionary pages, and pages from my old math books (I can’t begin to describe the glee and sadness I felt as I tore up a math book)
ATCs on theme of cats dressed up (Gigabit on the back in the darker scarf) and Pounce on the front in the amethyst scarf. I love torturing my kitties by making them model my creations.
I created two spread cloths for a fellow Postcard Fairy. She sent me a box full of fabric fun and let me create the tops of the spread cloths. She will be finishing them with backs and beaded trim. I’m looking forward to seeing the final products. One has a four elements theme and the other was just pretty fabric in a crazy quilt fun with black and silver thread.

Journal Jewelry for a Nervousness exchange

Torsogtc1 Saved4Web
Torsogtc2 Saved4Web
Torsogtc3-1 Saved4Web
Glued Trading Cards – torso theme – so fun and quick to make – gluebooks (heck gluing in general) is addicting
I created a set of 8 identical ATCs for a Nightmare/dreams Nervousness swap. The back says, ‘the frightening fall after flying in my dream’

Fiber Art pieces for another Nervousness exchange…I love felt and I love printing photos on fabric!!!!

This is the cover to a fabric mini book I created. By far one of the most amazing things that I’ve created and I so wished I had more time to make another book for the exchange so I could have kept this one. But alas it was mailed off on Monday. If you want to see more pictures of the inside (besides the one below) you can check out flickr.

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  1. WOW! Your creations are so amazing. I’m so impressed with all the different mediums you can create in. You are quite inspiring!!

  2. I love this little creation. I love being creative but your stuff is amazing. I Believe in YOUR Magic.

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