Creation Update Coming Soon

Yesterday was a day of nothing going right.
I forgot my phone at work – had to go back – how demotivating it was to trudge back through the halls…I love getting out of there and after reading about Pamela’s recent experience in which a medium told he ‘There’s no use in giving up your happiness just to get a paycheck’ I had a hard time telling myself that I had to return today.
A long piece of ribbon from a fabric booklet got stuck in the zipper of my backpack
The groceries all fell out of bag as I drove home from the store
I forgot items that I needed to craft with (paper towels and food coloring)
My paper making turned out to be a failure – or at least a lesson in what not to do
To top it all off, as I was heading here to update my week of creations, the computer seemed to have other plans. It wouldn’t boot.

I’m hopeful for today – the computer has booted – a good sign. And so far I’m not running late. Which means I best get dressed and pack my lunch. Despite not being happy at my job, until I’ve sorted a few more things out for myself; Troy, I and the kitties do appreciate the food and shelter my paycheck affords.