Once Upon…Happily Ever

My latest art show was hung last night. It’s been a busy few weeks getting everything ready, but I went to bed a happy girl last night. For readers who can’t make it to Girdwood, Alaska before the end of August here’s a few photos of the display. I’ll share more about each quilt and the other creations later in the month.




3 thoughts on “Once Upon…Happily Ever”

  1. What a great looking collection of pieces! I love these! I’d love to see more up close pics of your work in this show.

  2. I would love to hop a jet from NY to Alaska just to see your exhibit.
    The works look so intriguing so will be interested how your creative mind put all this new pieces together. Congratulations on the show!

  3. You never cease to amaze me with each new creation. What a great show, please show us more later on. Mary V.
    Paso Robles, CA

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