Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.
Mary created this amazing throw size quilt that hangs on her wall! She writes:

I used a mix of your pattern to make this 48 x56 appx. quilt.  Using the quilt as you go method made it easier to over quilt each block.  The back is all the same blocks blank – so a 2 sided quilt.

It’s so neat to see the outline of the girls on the back!
Kathy made this cute little basketball player for her granddaughter. She used a large handwriting print for the background; it looks encouraging and motivational.
Kathy was also added large girls to a quilt. She writes:

I repaired this quilt but still had some spots that needed to be covered up,so I used the 20 inch girls pattern worked perfectly.

These projects are great! I am so jealous of Mary and Kathy creating larger quilts with girls – it’s so on my bucket list when I have time.

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