Happy in a Tutu

When I was younger I took dance classes. We only wore leotards, tutus were only allowed for recitals. It was disappointing at the time and part of the reason I make these ballerinas in tutus.
She is happy in a tutu (9” x 12”)
On the dreary days of winter, don’t forget to add a little color to your outfit and wear the things that make you smile and maybe even twirl a little. You could even be like this girl and go with purple hair.

1 thought on “Happy in a Tutu”

  1. i felt the same way about ballet – no tutus just black leotards….was not what I had pictured! 🙂 Madame was not too fond of me….I did my plie work under the stair case out of view of the rest of the class! Not a very good dancer to this day!

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