She Laughs Often

Smiling is a great mood lifter along with laughing and great music that makes you want to dance.

She laughs often (5.5” x 9”)
Have you had a good laugh today? I’ve been enjoying the comics in the paper each day to start off with a chuckle and the kitten have been keeping me laughing with their antics like trying to steal bells from art. I finally gave in and tied a bell to their toys.

Congrats to Kathy C – her comment was selected for the Sew Somerset giveaway. For everyone else, another big giveaway of art and supplies will be posted soon. In the meantime, happy creating!

1 thought on “She Laughs Often”

  1. Oh I am laughing too—I loved your article in Sew Somerset magazine so much that I went out and bought it and handed it to my husband to put in my stocking for Christmas and the Art Quilting Studio issue was right beside it so I threw that in too without looking at! so I am so glad that Santa will have both mags in my stocking!

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