Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations. Today, I’m sharing two amazing quilts by Cindy from Idaho.
The first is a 15″ x 24″ quilt she made for her daughter based on a photo inspired by my faceless girls. Cindy’s daughter’s favorite pastime is paddling on her SUP with her dog.  Cindy also included Popeye the glass-eyed seal that lives in Friday Harbor and some Orcas breaching in the background.  The little details make this quilt such a personal and wonderful gift.

The second quilt Cindy make using my Happy Girls pattern. Cindy writes:
This is titled “She is a Spanish Teacher”, as my daughter teaches Spanish to middle and high school students…She dresses and looks exactly like the girl in the quilt, and the names of Spanish speaking countries embroidered and appliquéd show where she and her students have traveled for a month each Spring, as part of the curriculum.  They travel each Spring to immerse into the culture and language of a different country. 
The colors used in this quilt evoke the feel of many of the countries listed and it’s a great way to commemorate her daughter’s travels.
Many thanks to Cindy for sharing her beautiful stitched creations with us.

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  1. 🙂 I love that you’ve shared these. What a wonderful thing to be the inspiration of Cindy’s work that she has so personalized to her own life.

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