Loves Color

I used tiny scraps no bigger than 2” wide by 2.5” tall fused to the batting to create this background. It’s the same technique used in my STITCHED 2015 class. The scraps create a grassy, floral area below a northern lights and star studded sky.
With such small scraps, once the backing fabric was added, I densely quilted this with horizontal and vertical lines to ensure each tiny bit of fabric would stay in place.
Once the background is quilted, a girl in a shift dress was fused on the background. I kept the dress simple since the background is busy, embellishing it with a decorative stitch from my sewing machine.. I like how the background stitching comes through on the girl’s dress.
She loves color (8” x 10”)

Since our move is delayed, I have unpacked half of my studio – keeping fabric, paper, photos on fabric and hand-stitching supplies handy so I can play with some of the STITCHED 2015 classes. My brain is swimming with fabric cuffs, fabric beads and fragment collages – I enjoy watching the videos as much I like trying the projects. I can’t decide which to try next. What STITCHED 2015 projects have you been trying?

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  1. Love this! I also like watching the Stitch vides as much as I like making the projects. Although I must admit I have made about 5 other girls based on your videos. I can’t stop making them long enough to try the other techniques.

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