3 of 4 members of our household have not been feeling well. Dexter kitty stopped eating and we spent a few days force feeding him before he started eating kibble on his own.
Fluffy kitty has been keeping us company while my husband and I don’t feel well. She enjoyed the windy day we had because leaves blew past the window. And yes that is my backyard – there’s no snow here in Anchorage, Alaska!
I’ve been slowly cutting out pieces for a new mini quilt army.
I like to sort the pieces into piles for easy assembly.
Finally they are ready to go on their mini quilts.
I’m finally feeling better and getting back into my studio – auditioning fabrics and stitching.

1 thought on “Lately”

  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about all of the troubles, especially Dexter’s. I know how worrisome that can be. Our Sylvie wound up hospitalized once as a result of a failure to eat and we had a very trying month trying to get her back to her usual voracious appetite–no explanation for it all. What ended up turning the tide for us, better than the A/D food which is nourishing but by all accounts disgusting, better than all of my encouragement and enticements, was something I bought online and sprinkled on her food, called “Tuna Dash”. I was a bit worried about it as we tend to go very organic, know-your-source, etc, but in the end I thought that she was going to die if she didn’t eat, so a supplement from India might be sketchy but if she didn’t eat anything she would not survive. The Tuna Dash sparked her appetite and didn’t harm her; she started eating again and got back in the groove, and now she nags us with vigor all day long. I sincerely hope Dexter gets his appetite back quickly and your household routine returns to normal. “Ordinary” can be so wonderful, as we discover when things are not. We lost three of our dogs this winter, and I would love to have one ordinary day back…

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