Wander the World

417 is my favorite number. I was so excited to find it on a clothing tag. I hoarded it for years until I started this magpie girl art quilt. It was the perfect color and adds a little more of me to this quilt. This is the art quilt I demo from start to finish in my class for STITCHED 2015.
This collection is mostly navy blue and bits of silver and a some white lace. Some of the charms stitched into the ruffles, I’d had for over a decade.
As I wander the world I do search for treasure – not always in charm or trinket form – sometimes in fabric, postcards or memories.
She wanders the world to find treasure (17” x 21”)

If you want to see how this quilt was created, sign up for STITCHED 2015. I’ve been having so much getting to know the students, watch the videos and create blocks based on the block-of-the-month pattern.