Sketching – What are they doing? Giveaway

These girls need something happening in the background.
What do you suggest each should be doing?
I’ll finish them based on your suggestions.
I’ve got a few sketches not pasted in my journal waiting to be sent to one or two lucky readers. So don’t be shy with your suggestions, you might just win something fun. I’ll draw a winner or winners on Tuesday Jul 22.

5 thoughts on “Sketching – What are they doing? Giveaway”

  1. I love them all! So cute!

    #1 a little café table with macaroons and pretty tea cups in front of a cute little bakery.
    #2 a big herb garden maybe with some strawberry plants.
    #3 on a picnic with a cute quilt and dog jumping for a Frisbee and her kids running around having a great time.
    #4 In a bookstore or library.

  2. Quilt shops with bolts of fabric on a bookshelf. The third and fourth one would be cute with something related to a a new hairstyle – cut and color – for a change.

  3. 1. Pondering could be a closet or fabric
    2. Butterfly kisses with one landing near her cheek
    3. missing family with pic of your siblings family in background
    4. Styling Love the idea by Kathy with the new hairstyle.

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