2014 Holiday: Rolduc Abbey

After Amsterdam, we headed to Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade, a small town in the Netherlands near Germany. My husband had a conference there and the quiet of the Abbey was a welcome change.
The grounds were beautiful. Early in the day this lake was surrounded by local fisherman.
And if you followed the path behind the abbey, you’d be in Germany.
There was fenced area filled with chickens, deer, geese and a pig because having animals nearby is nice (that’s what the staff said).
wpid-IMG_5547-2014-06-25-18-55.jpg wpid-IMG_5689-2014-06-25-18-55.jpg
The rooster crowed each morning and just across the road we found sheep.
There’s a vineyard and the abbey makes their own wine and beer.
This patio garden area reminded me of Jane Austen novels.
wpid-IMG_5500-2014-06-25-18-55.jpg wpid-IMG_5489-2014-06-25-18-55.jpg
The view from my room made me never want to leave.
(A close up of the small coy pond just outside my window.)

Rolduc Abbey is the perfect location for a retreat; if I ever plan a destination art retreat, it might be there. The accommodations are amazing and the food was delicious. On the grounds is a magical flower/garden shop. The owners only spoke Dutch, so I didn’t feel right snapping photos, but I wondered around for a long time admiring the handmade mobiles constructed from sticks, rough felt, ribbon, charms. I was able to communicate just enough to bring home some of that felt and a few charms.

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