2014 Holiday: Amsterdam and Haarlem

A holiday far away from home is amazing but after 12 days, I was ready to return home to the kitties and my own bed.
After one night in Frankfurt, Germany to adjust to the time zone, we boarded a train for Amsterdam. We then spent 4 days exploring Amsterdam and a nearby city of Haarlem.
Amsterdam was overwhelming at times due to the narrow streets crowded with cars, trams, buses, bikes and people. But I enjoyed wandering through museums and people watching as we strolled along the cobblestone streets.
A boat ride through the canal and harbor was nice when we needed a break from walking and a multi-day tram pass made navigating to any part of town easy.
I surprised to learn that there used to be almost 1000 windmills in Amsterdam, but now there are less than 10. wpid-photo-5-2014-06-24-16-21.jpg
Haarlem a nearby but less crowded city is a short train ride away. There was an amazing kerk (church), bustling market and working windmill.

3 thoughts on “2014 Holiday: Amsterdam and Haarlem”

  1. Great photos Carrie. Thanks for sharing those. I have wanted to visit Amsterdam as it looked like such an interesting place. I do like sleeping in my own bed though! At traveling can wear you out. Still it’s fun to see other places and people.

  2. as a little girl i had a dentist who would send me postcards of the windmills when he and his wife were vacationing. i had always wanted to go there and see them.

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