Sees Beauty in All

Shade of red and pink and a pretty apron

She sees beauty in all (6” x 9”)

Today’s question: What is your favorite flower?

Me: Tulips and Blue Hydrangea

5 thoughts on “Sees Beauty in All”

  1. I also love tulips and blue hydrangea. Tulips are up about 4 inches here. My hydrangea is a beautiful blue, used at church for Easter, will go into the garden with the 5 others as soon as the weather improves. ( frost 2days ago!)

  2. Roses are my favorites. My mom always grew roses, and I remember rose bushes lining my best friend’s driveway. Now I love to grow roses, and when I visit my 80-something year old aunt, she always takes me outside to show me how her roses are thriving in the Southern Cal sunshine.

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