Ready for Adventure

This quilt started with the background fabric…

…and a fashion magazine image

The girl with a scooter just seemed to be ready for a fun and I love the addition of a coat – I think a few more girls in coats and cardigans will be in my future.

She is ready for adventure (16” x 20”)

Today’s question: What is idea of a dream vacation?

Me: Cabin in the mountains or cottage on the beach – time for reading, walking, dreaming and stitching. I usually like the road trip to get there as much as I enjoy the time there.

8 thoughts on “Ready for Adventure”

  1. Darling girl in the coat and the scooter!
    Dream vacation for me would in nature…the mountains, beach, anywhere peaceful and quiet and beautiful.

  2. Oh I am so ready for an adventure!! Dream vacation for me is a beach (preferably with very few other people, and no litter on the beach!)

  3. Meredith loughran

    Love the coat! Can’t wait to see more of these. Favorite vacation is anywhere on the west coast of Ireland. Beautiful!

  4. Forgot to say my favorite vacation. On a beach. Had a wonderful time at our wedding in Jamaica in 2002.

  5. We live in the country, so my ideal vacation is a trip to New York City. We also took a trip to Washington, DC and I loved spending time in that vibrant, historic city.

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