How To – Submitting Artwork for Publication

I thought I would share the 5 steps to submit artwork for possible publication. These directions apply to any Stampington publication – they really make the process easy and not scary.

If you loved making it, your joy can be seen by others.

Type up a short description of the technique(s) you used and the what inspired your art. Be sure to save this write-up; if your art is selected for inclusion in the magazine, you may be asked to turn your write-up into an article.

Even though I add my usual quilt labels to my work, I always pin on another label with my full contact information. If your work is dimensional, you can place the art in a labeled bag.

Place your art in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements. Find a box for your art (even better if you decorate it with your art). Include a check for return postage and your write up.

Send the package. Address it to the publication you are submitting your art to.

If you need a jump start as to what to create or which magazine to submit to, see the calls & challenges.

To submit art or articles to other publications, look at the magazine or their website for details. Some like art first, others like email submissions.

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