What I’ve Been Doing – Charity Quilts


I volunteered my local modern quilt guild to help an agency complete some quilts. We were given 120 blocks hand-painted by children. The blocks were not uniform in size and the painting was a bit thick in places. Luckily the kids had been given fabric paints donated by a local quilt shop. I separated the blocks into 10 piles and several members from the guild created tops from the blocks. I then quilted them to fleece (no batting). This made it possible to avoid stitching through the paint if it was a bit ‘crunchy’. I bound them and tossed them in the wash with color catchers. The painted blocks became so soft. The colors ran in a few places but the final result is 10 quilts plus an extra blanket made from the fleece scraps. To add to the cuteness, I stitched a label to the back of each that had the logo of the agency.