Magpie Girl – May Giveaway 1

Update:  The winner is Danijela!


This magpie girl art quilt is finished and just in time to celebrate my art show and Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day.

Her collections is attached (see her in progress here) and I added the phrase ‘shiny baubles made her heart leap.’ It’s a very happy quilt for spring. The quilt measures 16” x 12”.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Leave a comment before 5 p.m. PST on Friday, May 10th telling me about about what you collect. I’ll randomly select winners later that day.

I do usually respond to comments, but with the volume received for giveaway day, I apologize in advance that I am not able to do so.

Now go find other giveaways to win!

81 thoughts on “Magpie Girl – May Giveaway 1”

  1. She turned out gorgeous. I have started collecting fabrics. As I am still a fairly new quilter. Trying to create one of those stashes everyone else seems to won. It is slow go…No local fabric stores fo rme without driving a minimum of an hour in any direction. I collect a few book series. Ann Rice. Christine Feehan’s dark seriesis one of my most favorites. I am slowly trying to get some quilting acrylic ruler/ templates. Just basics for me.

  2. What beautiful work! I collect those little Mexican pottery piggy banks. The kind with no hole on the underside. They are so colorful and each has a different pattern painted on. Thank you for the wonderful give away chance!

  3. I love the colours on this one! I don’t collect anything, although I do have a small number of lizard items.

  4. I usually collect used dishes all over the house from my children:) Other than that, I collect paintings from places I visit.

    mcintoshsusan at Hotmail dot com

  5. Your 3-d quilt is simply beautiful! I collect fabric – especially cotton fabric that other people just don’t want any more. It’s been a fun adventure!

  6. Lovely girl! I collect fabrics, have done so since I was a young girl! Don´t have to be new fabrics, I often go to secondhand stores to find nice fabrics 🙂
    Gun, Sweden

  7. I have collected depression glass in the Iris pattern. Now I seem to have a collection of fabric. It is much more available than the glass is.

  8. Currently, I realized I collect fabric and un-finished projects… But my favorite collection is photographs of my children right now!

  9. Oh she’s beautiful! I collect non-fiction books, but I’ve made an effort in the past year to cull my collection down to the ones I really love and re-reference.

  10. No real collections, unless you count fabric and books. That is a stunning little quilt.

  11. I have a small collection of old books (early-mid 1900’s), mainly cooking and sewing. I love the peek into the past that you get through them. Shiny baubles make me happy too! Many thanks!

  12. I usually try not to collect anything – I grew up in a family of collectors and if they ever caught wind that you had three or more of anything, you’d find yourself with another five come Christmas, so I’ve made a long term valiant effort to avoid collecting things. But… I do have several hundred books (somehow I feel it doesn’t really “count” if it’s books), and probably a couple hundred cds. And the less said about my fabric stash the better, I imagine 😀

    Anyway, this Magpie Girl is as lovely as they always are – I really like how you’ve quilted the background, that flower is really nice.

  13. Melissa Tanner

    I love your girls, so creative. I collect art supplies and fabric and books.

  14. I love to collect vintage items. Seems like I am drawn to dishes but also like just old stuff like boxes, jars, jewelry etc.

  15. just gorgeous!! I collect dust. Yes. Because I collect fabric, buttons, ribbon, zippers… These things make the housework less pressing, somehow…. 😉

  16. How adorably gorgeous! I collect lists- to do lists actually. Seems I am always making them, using them, losing them, needing them, ignoring them, etc…. ha!

    Actually I dont’ collect any specific type of object, but more of any little trinket, art, chatchki that floats my whimsy.
    My email address is kudra1978 at aol dot com.

  17. Heather Braun

    Gorgeous! I collect Fiesta Ware. My mom gave me here vintage Fiesta Ware when I got married and I inherited my Grandmother’s when she passed away in Oct. I love that I have three generations worth and I can’t wait to pass them off to my daughter one day!

  18. I collect all sorts of craft supplies.. but mostly yarn, and ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful work of art!

  19. Christine Sherman

    I mostly just collect fabric! On the lookout for vintage thread spools and pincushions as well!

  20. She’s gorgeous!

    I collect stoneware. My family would say I collect yarn. lol

  21. Hello from Minnesota! She is beautiful!!! Amazing work.

    As for your question… I’d have to say: what don’t I collect? Piggy banks, Tonka trucks, Butterprint Pyrex, first aid tins, buttons and sewing ephemera, miniature houses, buffalo, and lonely baby Jesus figurines. I could go on.

  22. I collected keychains as a kid — and it turns out my husband did too. We have quite the collection between us. Thanks for hosting!

  23. Oh that’s so beautiful. My close friend at work tells me I should be a raven, I get easily distracted by pretty shiny things, doesn’t matter what they are, even the snow glittering is enough to send me swooning.

    What do I collect? Pretty shiny things LOL…seriously, you should see my desk at work!

  24. And here I am, trying for the next girl 🙂
    I’m collecting sheep…and fabric, I guess. Because since I started sewing, I have gather boxes and boxes full of fabrics. Oh! And buttons 🙂

  25. She is beautiful! I used this pattern to make a wall quilt for my daughter. It would be great to have one of my own!!!! I collect fabric! Eventually it will all be made into something…..well, hopefully!

  26. I have a collection of vintage dishes and also a small collection of fabric.

  27. I have a small collection of vintage catalogues and magazines. I love seeing the cost of things then vs. now. We’re so lucky now that everything is affordable!

  28. I have collections of cook books, Painted Ponies, glass paperweights, sewing machines and vintage Pyrex dishes.

  29. Lovely giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.Wow,love it,so cute,can’t believe that you giving her away,so generous of you.I could say that I collect earrings since I love wearing them every day.Have a lovely day.

  30. Candace Henderson

    this is AMAZING! It would be an honor to own! I don’t collect anything except craft supplies… vintage notions, buttons, papers ect…. thanks

  31. I use to collect stamps, now I collect Christmas ornaments. Always collecting fabric and I think I should start a collection of Carrie Payne patterns.

  32. That’s a beautiful piece! I collect all sorts of things; books, hats, vintage tins, wooden boxes, colorful pottery, and fabric…lots of fabric. 😉

  33. gorgeous creation!!
    I collect so many things, vintage buttons and beads and jewelry being my current passion…

  34. I collect a lot of knick-knacks, esp little trinkets for jewlery making. Thanks so much for the chance:)

  35. Your Magpie Girl is beautiful. Now, I want to attempt such a feat. But, I’m all talk. I seem to collect a lot of dust bunnies, without trying. 🙂

  36. I collect many things. Fabric is #1. But also yarn, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and china in the “moonlight roses” pattern. Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous pice of art!

  37. I collect Fenton glass, Jim Shore angels and dogs, and Thomas Kinkade music boxes

  38. I don’t have any particular collection… unless you count fabric. 😉 thanks for the chance to win this lovely quilt.

  39. I collect buttons and I seem to collect yarn although it buy it with projects in mind so I guess it is just a stash not a collection.

  40. Maureen Hayes

    I collect vintage silverware as well as all crafting supplies. . . Lol! This is so beautiful and it is very generous of you to offer it as a giveaway. I pray I win.

  41. My husband is trying to cure me of my hoarding gene, so I don’t really have any collections anymore ha ha. I do however have a thing for other peoples fabric scraps

  42. Waw that skirt is a really nice idea! Beautiful quilt 🙂
    I collect fabric, stamps, porcelain dolls,…


  43. I collect buttons, starting with my grandmother’s old tin full of buttons. They’re priceless to me.

  44. I sort-of collect penguin stuff and stars. I recently finished a huge glass jar with more than a 1000 origami paper wishing stars.

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