Dreams & Doodles


While taking the RE:CONNECT course with Willo and Mati in September/October, I took a huge leap and applied for a solo art show. I was thrilled that I had set the intention to apply and followed through.

In November, I did a quick presentation of my art quilts and detailed the show I envisioned. I was ecstatic to make it to round 2.


A few weeks later I received word that I was one of the 12 selected to display their work in 2013. My art will be displayed at Snow City Cafe, a local cafe/gallery (they have the best breakfast/brunch) for the month of May 2013.

Since learning the news, I have been doodling art quilts I want to make. My journal is filling up and I’m bouncing with creative energy.


If you haven’t signed up for the next RE:CONNECT course, do so. You will find your magic and dreams can come true.

2 thoughts on “Dreams & Doodles”

  1. I am really excited about winning, I purchased the pretty girl pattern. I think I am winner D??? I love what you did in Sew Somerset, I am going to enjoy creating these ladies with my mom, whom is a paper artist. I looked into the class, I cant afford it this time, maybe next time. I need to buy a new Sewing Machine.. a great one with free motion abilities. Thank you and Thank you for putting this up on the blog for us to learn.

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