Batik Quilt


I decided to keep one more of the quilts I had completed, so I needed one more for a holiday gift. This batik quilt is a much better fit for the recipient anyway.

It’s constructed from 36 9” squares and quilted in concentric squares and backed in hand dyed peach fabric. I wrapped the backing around to the front to create the binding. Super quick to create and very pretty. It actually makes me reconsider getting rid of all batiks.


3 thoughts on “Batik Quilt”

  1. its funny how we go through likes of fabrics….another blogger I read, reorganized her stash to incorporate batiks with quilting cottons…treat them as color not type. Another friend has always blended batiks with cottons in her scrap quilts…something to consider when fabrics are as expensive as they are.

  2. Really pretty! Thought the circles on the fabric was the quilting at first. Great Idea for quilting.

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