Retail Therapy

I found a new dentist. He explained everything. He made me numb before fixing my bite issue and I’m feeling much better.

I have to wait a bit for the crown prep – it’s possible I have some weird fracture thingy that means I could lose my tooth. The bad dentist didn’t cause it, nor the root canal – just bad teeth. Did I mention I’ve had a lot of dental work?

I’d been feeling traumatized by the events of this week so I took my husband to quilt shops for some retail therapy. I needed his help to pick out backing fabrics – he’s actually quite good at finding obscure fabric that work perfectly and he encourages me to spend way more money than I planned (he sees no reason not have a fat quarter of everything). It’s hard not love him and I know most of the quilters out there would be aghast, but I abstained from buying more than I needed. Well almost..

While shopping we saw adorable zipper critters done in Halloween fabrics. I got the pattern, zippers and a fat quarter bundle to make gifts for the nephews and nieces.

3 thoughts on “Better”

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery! And yes, I’d like you to clone your husband and send him my way….

  2. The tooth experience sounds awful. I’ll tell you mine! Glad you found some positive inspiration at the fabric store.

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