Glitter Letters Swear Like a Sailor

Until today I have never feared the dentist. I’ve had many filings, four wisdom teeth pulled at once, root canals and a crown with no problems.

My most recent root canal was last week – which went perfectly and the pain I was feeling instantly abated. The worst part was the temporary filing that threw off my bite a bit and the fact that they don’t do the crown build up at the same time (my previous root canal and crown worked that way- one less dental procedure in the process).

I was scheduled for the first part of my crown on root canal tooth today. After two numbing shots the dentist began removing the temporary filling and I signaled I felt pain. The dentist says ‘it’s a hot tooth’ and mumbles that we may have to call you every week. I was confused. The root canal took 5 numbing shots, I expected upon signaling pain that I would get more numbing shots and then we would proceed.

Instead, my tooth was refilled and then the dentist started shaping the filing with a drill (he said in hopes of making it so I would put less pressure on the tooth). I again signaled I was in pain and as the tools were removed from my mouth said ‘I am not numb’.

The dentist left the room. Not a word was spoken – no communication.

The assistant said it’s a ‘hot tooth’ and that she wasn’t sure we should have even tried the procedure today.

I was in pain, I was stunned by the lack of communication and I wanted to get as far away from there as possible. I asked the assistant if she needed me for anything else and left the chair.

I walked home from the dentist (it’s one block away) in tears and proceeded to melt down due to pain and confusion for almost an hour.

Despite my new fear of pain inflicted by a dentist, I’m going to find a new dentist tomorrow. I need to at least get my tooth refilled – what the dentist did today is wrong – my bite is way off and it hurts to close my mouth as I normally would. Hopefully the new dentist can explain what a ‘hot tooth’ is and why it would prevent the first part of the crown procedure.

I wish I had the ability to create art while I’m in pain, but alas it’s a skill I have not mastered. Perhaps I’ll swear more with glitter letters or maybe I will curl up with a good book.

3 thoughts on “Ouch!”

  1. Oh Carrie that’s awful!!! I know exactly what you are describing! If you need a recommend just give a holler and I will give you the name and number of our family dentist.

  2. Oh My…..having recently had a root canal at a specialist and then having the good fortune to go back to my regular dentist that very day to have the temp crown placed and the perm crown designed, I know what your day was supposed to have been like instead of this awful experience. Please let me know if you want the name of my family dentist, we have been seeing a wife/husband team for 13 years now after much searching for a good dentist. The specialist that they sent me to for the root canal was someone that I would go back to if necessary.

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