Hometown Reunion & Working Big

Hometown Reunion (52” x 52”)

I pieced together 144 5” squares of Hometown and Reunion fabrics with some Ash Kona and 4 squares of unknown origin that came with the Hometown charm pack created by a local quilt shop.


It’s backed in medium gray Kona and quilted in concentric squares – my favorite method of quilting throw size or smaller quilts.


It’s a bit blah after finishing Pezzy Thread, but it’s done!

My dining room wall (the largest accessible wall in the house) has been stripped of all artwork and I have more than 80 half square triangles measuring 9” each taped to the wall as I work out the design of 2 quilt tops. I can’t seem to stop working on larger quilts which will be holiday gifts for family and friends. The repetition of stitch, press, repeat is very different from my art quilt process; it’s almost hypnotic which is good given the stress of my day job lately. Soon ideas for smaller art quilts will bubble to the surface demanding to be created. In the meantime, I will enjoy working big.

1 thought on “Hometown Reunion & Working Big”

  1. Not too blah, jsut understated. It just needs some dappled sunlight to liven it up! (Or an evening lamp.) That said, I think it reflects the springtime light for this time of year nicely!
    I love the square outward spiral quilting.

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