Teddy Bear and Friends Quilts

My quilt guild creates quilts for teddy bears and other stuffed animals for various charities. I was given the 4 stuffed animals and used various scraps to create their quilts.

A teddy and a chance to play with 1/2 square triangles – I typically avoid triangles but I’m trying to practice using them more.


I couldn’t resist writing bunny phrased for the little yellow rabbit.

The bear with the tie reminds me of a dad so I added the name of one of my favorite book when I was a kid and a little picture of a boy with his play car.

I had a few extra 1/2 square triangles and randomly started piecing extra fabrics to create a quilt for the teddy whose feet say ‘hug me.’

These quilts are fun to make and allow me to try techniques on a small scale and the kids who receive them don’t mind if everything doesn’t quite line up.

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  1. What an awesome idea! I may have to propose this to my guild as well, if you don’t mind. Love the quilt for the little bear with the tie, but all are quite cute!

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