Hearts & Love

She let love grow – detail

I have Valentine’s Day on my brain – I keep sewing, doodling and fashioning hearts.

She let love grow (9”x12”)

I decided to stitch up two little ladies who love love from various scraps on background fabric I dyed for my wedding in 2005 (rather fitting for valentine’s quilts)

She celebrated love’s gifts (9”x12”)

I am quite smitten with the red head and her heart garland and I love the curly long hair and ‘hello love’ on the other girl.

She celebrated love’s gifts – details

A few favorites from this time of year – there are Sweethearts candies everywhere and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the tiny box of salted caramels in milk chocolate that I received with my veggie delivery this week.

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  1. Elizabeth McDonald

    I like BOTH of these! Adding the cursive “Hello love” is a nice touch! I also love the hem detail (bottom right) in the lady with the black print dress!

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