Love and Happiness


Love and Happiness (44” x 44”)

When I was making the Joy quilt, I second guessed the bright colors and pieced a second top. I consulted my husband as to which to finish and give to his grandmother who loved the bright colors and patterns in her quilt. I didn’t want the other top be another UFO in my studio so I finished it last week.


I quilted it in concentric squares, bound it by wrapping the backing fabric around to the front and added a bit of free motion stitching.



I really love the doodle stitching in a contrasting color – I will be trying that again in the future.

Now I need to figure out what to do with this pretty quilt…

4 thoughts on “Love and Happiness”

  1. Elizabeth McDonald

    I love it! You come up with such great ideas – and you are so much more fearless with machine quilting than I have been. I always enjoy reading your blog!

  2. I admire your courage to just add a bit of free motion stitching. Your quilt is one-of-a-kind special!

  3. Carrie whom ever receives this beautiful piece of art will be so blessed it is gorgeous and makes me want to take a walk on the beach and play in the sand, perhaps build a sandcastle and watch sea gulls fly out over the beautiful waters in all it’s shades of aqua’s, greys and blues.

    Big Hugs my friend!

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