Holiday – Gift Giving


My favorite part of the holidays is gift giving. I enjoy searching for or creating a gift, wrapping it and hoping it brings a smile to the recipient.

I spent the weekend finishing the last of my shopping and sewing, wrapping presents and packaging them for shipment early next week.

All the holiday cheer has me thinking maybe, I’ll dig out my holiday decorations and string up a few lights.

2 thoughts on “Holiday – Gift Giving”

  1. Oh yes Carrie, the magic of the season is in the decorations in your home because they are the fuse that lights you holiday spirit each day. Let your lights remind you daily to be thankful for all you have and to remember, in prayer, those less fortunate. Merry, Merry, Christmas to you and you awesome husband. Thank him for supporting you in your creativity.


  2. Ok Carrie I finished my first girl!!! I may still add some words but I need to get a fabric pen first but you can check her out.

    Thank you for believing,

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