Creative Girl Quilts


Her friends knew her heart (11” x 9.5”)

Thank you for visiting today! I hope you had a nice weekend.

We had several technology changes in our house this weekend (new phones and upgraded OS on my computer) so I spent a lot of time learning and organized my data. Which led me to discover I never posted photos of these quilts I finished a couple of weeks ago.


She dreamed out loud (9” x 12”)

I love these faces that I print on fabric and the versatility of the pattern. I can use the faces as printed or change them – like adding a side bun in the quilt above. I can color them with colored pencils or paint; I can make their dresses simple or elaborate; I can use my favorite color in the background or a batik that begs to be stitched.

The possibilities and ideas are endless…I’m going to have fun in my studio tomorrow. I hope you are inspired to be creative too.

1 thought on “Creative Girl Quilts”

  1. Oh Carrie, “She dreamed out loud”, this is so amazing and resonates with me on so many levels as I am in the process of creating the life I have imagined. I’m working on opening my very own small craft shop this next spring. I am moving back to Texas at that time and will wait until I am settled there to open this little shop.
    Have an awesome time creating.


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