She loved her patchwork life

(10.5” x 23”)

I had some small scraps left from BeBe and Baby BeBe, so sewed it into a tiny little piece of patchwork, which inspired this art quilt.


I like the hanging button lanterns and all the patterns in the fabric.


I found the crocheted white and purple lace in my stash along with the small bits of eyelet cotton. I ruffled them all before assembling her dress with purple fabric, trim and a button charm.


The back of this quilt is almost as pretty as the front.

3 thoughts on “She loved her patchwork life”

  1. OMG this is so darn cool and creative. I always loved it when you were posting all the time as it was food for my soul and so much inspiration.
    Loving you to the moon and back,

  2. Carrie~
    When I contacted you last you had not posted here in a very long time, let me just say seeing that you are posting again makes my heart sing and my soul dance to all your creative vibrations. I knew I missed our connection but until I just went through all your posts I did not know just how much. Your creativity is so inspiring. Thank you for being the creative spirit that you are, you totally rock.

    Love you to the moon and back,

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