Thread Embellished Print (6” x 11”)

I like this piece because of the word ‘laughter’ in the background. It reminds me that a day with laughter isn’t much fun and it usually means I’m too stressed. Thankfully my cats, husband and friends provide much humor in my life and keep me giggling and smiling often.


This small quilt is a thread embellished print of a mixed media art piece on canvas. I scanned the original artwork and printed it on cotton. I created a quilt sandwich and started doodling with thread – mostly stitching around the designs in the artwork.


You can see the stitching on the back. Ignore the flub in the binding – I keep experimenting with a method that I find reliably easy and quick. Obviously, this is not one such method!

3 thoughts on “Laughter”

  1. I love all your “lady” quilts, but this one may be my favorite!!! I just love it!
    Do you ever sell them? Not this one, but others?

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