Magpie Girl 4 – She kept treasures near

Magpie 4 (13” x 23”)

I love all the magpie girls, but the colors in this one are my favorite. I quilted the background with spiral flowers on the bottom and a streaky sky on the top.


I put a fabric covered brad in her hair – the colors matched so well with the bits and baubles in her skirt.


Bits of lace and scraps of fabric were stitched to the skirt along with a buttons, broken jewelry and a collections of silver charms.


I found green and blue charms (blue bird nest and green beads in the silver circle) from the long ago valentine charm swap. I made a charm from wire and a marble.


1 thought on “Magpie Girl 4 – She kept treasures near”

  1. this is my favorite of the magpie girls you’ve been doing because of the blue fabric on the skirt. it’s subtle but still very eye-catching!

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