Summer in Alaska is Intoxicating

Bike path near University Lake

When we arrived in Anchorage last summer, one of the sales people we met stated the summers here make you forget about winter. I enjoy winter, but I now understand the sentiment – the long, dark winter is the price we pay for summer like this.

A summer filled with extended daylight, mild temperatures and little to no humidity. After 35 years in the midwest with hot, sticky weather, this is amazing.

There’s rain, but that only makes it better – after the rain, the world smells amazing. The rain and daylight bring lush greenness, chirping birds and wildflowers.

Today it was impossible to stay inside – during our bike ride we enjoyed the warmth of the sun, a light breeze and the beautiful scenery filled with honeysuckle, daisies, poppies, wild geraniums and fireweed.