(8” x 11”)

After doing a similar piece in my art journal, I wanted something I could hang on my wall. I glued fabric scraps to a piece of canvas and then coated them lightly with gesso. I then placed a stencil over the piece and brushed on pink acrylic paint. After drying I doodle stitched around the stencil pattern and the fabric scraps that showed through. I then added a fabric heart, blue stitching, and ‘find’ fashioned from wire. I finished the quilt by stitching felt as a backing.

1 thought on “Find”

  1. i never cease to be amazed by your process! It’s fabulous! It makes me think of that book wherein writers talk about one word that they either love or hate and why. Personally, I like the word Fall with all of its connotations and denotations.

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