New Color and a Winner


I pulled out some spring colors with which to perfect my ruffled dress making. Periwinkle is complete but pink and blue are up next.

I like the little bouquet I made with green ribbon and a few buttons.


Thank you all for the color suggestion, I’ve noted them for future ideas and experiments.

The winner of the green, cream and black fabric scraps is…



Congratulations, Karyn!

4 thoughts on “New Color and a Winner”

  1. Karyn Ashley-Smith

    I am SOOOOOOOO excited!! Thank you! I have to admit…there are some give-aways that you enter just because you stumbled across them, and some you enter, and cross your fingers, and really hope you win…..this was one of the 2nd kinds. I actually had to look up the time difference to see when the winner would be drawn! THANK YOU! The mail just won’ t ever move fast enough to get that package here!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the button flowers. Love that you’ve gotten into blogging again. Makes my day to see your work.

  3. Karyn Ashley-Smith

    The mailman came bearing gifts! THANK YOU! My very creative aunt once compared people like us to chipmunks….we stuff our cheeks full of treasure and run back to our den to tuck them away. LOL! That is totally what I feel like!

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