Last Paint Chip Challenge Quilt and a Giveaway

With Her Sisters She is Invincible (10” x 10”)

I wanted to try multiple girls on a quilt – the result is this sisters quilt. I couldn’t resist including the selvedge on the dresses such a fun, easy embellishment to an art quilt.

This is my last cream, green and black for a while. The paint chip challenge is complete – these colors inspired 7 art quilts, 2 larger quilts and 1 journal. I had a great time with all the fabrics, but I’ve been using only 3 colors for the past six weeks, I’m ready for more color!

In celebration of the final paint chip quilt, I’m hosting another giveaway.


The winner will receive oodles of cream, green and black scraps! There are several 5” squares from a charm pack, a few larger pieces and several smaller bits for making your own art quilts. The package will include some pre-ruffled fabric from my ruffling experiments and a few faces printed on muslin. I’m including the pattern I drew for making dresses to go with the faces.

Leave a comment by noon Alaska time on Monday, June 6th and I’ll randomly select a winner. I’d love to hear your ideas for what colors I should play with next.

12 thoughts on “Last Paint Chip Challenge Quilt and a Giveaway”

  1. I love your art quilts and an excited with a chance to win a kit. I have three girls and this would be an ideal start on art quilts.
    Now new colours for you to play with…hmmm….black always for outline and definition, burgandy/maroon, biege and mustard.Keep up the great artworks 😀

  2. I recently found your blog during the SMS blog hop. I am really loving your art quilts and would love to win one of your kits. Thanks for inspiring me:)

  3. I recently found your blog during the SMS blog hop. I am really loving your art quilts and would love to win one of your kits. Thanks for inspiring me:)

  4. after these colors you need something new! may be blue, turquoise or gray-blue/greenish-gray. and fresh floral prints! it’s so inspiring!

  5. Well I love grey at the moment so greys and blues could be nice with a splash of warmth. I just love your quilts they look great. I love authentic fabrics, it would be fun to play with these. I love seeing your creations.

  6. You make such beautiful art! I too found your blog on the last give-away day, and it’s been such a pleasure having your entries come up in my reader since then.

    Anyway, you needed enter me in the giveaway – I need to get a handle on the projects I’ve already got going – but what about something kind of crazy and bright and summery for your next set of colours? (What’s coming to mind is Iman’s clothing in this picture.)

  7. Karyn Ashley-Smith

    OMG! If I don’t win, would you make me up a “starter kit”??? I have found you to be so inspiring! LOVE seeing a new post from you in my mailbox.

    Do you usually limit yourself to a certain number of colors? What is speaking to you? I’ve been exploring browns. Browns with pinks (bright and pastel), browns with blues (brilliant to turquoise and baby blue)…

    Black has also been working it’s way more and more into my designs (no surprise since I wear a lot of black and find it makes a great backdrop to really show off other pieces).

    Jewel tones?
    cream on cream?

    hmmm….I will think on this and repost. Have a great weekend!

  8. this quilt reminds me of 1930s fashion and is very inspiring. what a great giveaway! what about shades of purple-plum, royal, lilac? i also like karyn’s suggestion of cream on cream…nice summer combo

  9. Love your quilts, and I just also had a look at your fabric book with all the fun things in it. What an amazing and inspiring idea. Hmmm what colours next. I love the idea of blue and grey too, or since it’s summer, how about pale pinks and greens, or sunny yellows…

  10. Carrie this one is Fabulous! I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister!
    I think TEAL and shades of RED would be great to work with:)

  11. Karyn Ashley-Smith

    How do you feel about metallics? That could be really fun!

    I’ve been thinking about your colors all weekend (how funny is that?) I know your on a ruffle kick, so that tends to lead me back to soft greens & pinks & whites, but that just seems too expected…so I’m trying to figure out something unexpected to go with ruffles….

    Do you want the color to make a statement or the design itself to speak?

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