Are They Finished?


I created the two quilts below in early 2010 and I still can’t decide if they are finished. Oh, they are bound and I’ve attached hangers – so technically they are completed pieces. They are cute and close to how I imagined they would turn out, but something in the back of mind tells me they need a bit more. I’ve auditioned things – words, hand stitched background texture – nothing seems right.

Should I let them go or keep trying to figure out what else they need?

Maybe I can’t call them finished because they remind me of myself (I did draw them to sort of look like me – the long hair, 2 bun me and the short hair me) and I’m not actually finished becoming me.

Girl in Yellow and Girl in Green (each 17” x 33”)

Pieced backgrounds with minimal quilting. The faces were drawn on paper, scanned into the computer and printed on cotton fabric. The faces were then painted with acrylics and fused to the quilt along with the bodies/dresses. Additional quilting of the face and dresses was done and the dresses were embellished with vintage lace and buttons.

5 thoughts on “Are They Finished?”

  1. Karyn Ashley-Smith

    I went back to the beginning of your blog — I LOVE what I saw and am SO TICKED I missed entering the May giveaway LOL! However, I am signing up for the class that inspired your quilts.

    Glad to see you back (again). You have an incredible gift. Don’t stop creating!

  2. LACE? they look FABULOUS as is… but if you added anything I would suggest crochet lace. Truely though, is piece of art Ever FINISHED?

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