Lost Box

It’s been months since my last post…

The cumulative effect of the last 7 months of drastic life changes caught up with me.

I hadn’t taken the time to fully process each change and as additional ones piled up, my resolve crumbled and I stopped doing all that things I used to enjoy. I was easily frustrated and defeated and I spent most of my free time avoiding … life

I’d even started to think that my dreams and ambitions were still packed in a box that never made it on the truck headed for Cincinnati.

I’m not sure if it was the panic of my boss being fired last month or volunteering to edit my quilt guild newsletter or joining a fiber arts guild or just talking to a few old friends but something clicked in my soul…

The emails, letters, smiles and sneak peaks of blogs and lj’s that I’d been avoiding all started to remind me that I’m not alone.

So I’m dipping my toes back into my life – slowly re-engaging in all the things that I used to enjoy. And maybe someday that missing box will resurface.

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